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Gracie Magazine CEO Luca Atalla training with Helio Gracie.  Luca is a 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt with 20 years of experience.

Gracie Magazine CEO Luca Atalla with Helio Gracie

If you think your place is in the winner’s locker room, Marcos Avellan’s Black Belt Psychology will take you by the hand and help you climb the ladder that culminates with the complete grasp and control of the champion’s mindset.

Only someone with the experience of having rallied back from a negative 1-18 record in his rookie season of wrestling to ultimately become one of the most skilled grapplers and successful martial arts-school owners in the world could have mapped out the path so well and illustrated it with such rich insight.

The book you have in hand abounds with actionable steps for you to perfect your drilling, making it as close to your real challenges as it can get and thus preparing your brain for one of the most difficult journeys within the realm of mankind: the one to victory over highly skilled peers in hand-to-hand combat.

In drafting this precious blueprint, Avellan combines his life experience with the philosophies of modern and classic warfare and, to support his own theories, includes the writings of such stalwart authorities as Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Gable and Dave Grossman, among others.

You will learn how to visualize victory before it happens, deal with the inevitable losses, and glean the most from your training practices. You will be taught how to mimic the best fighters—or even superheroes!—, and understand how champions face and overcome their fears. Furthermore, you will discern why you should focus on finishing the fight rather than on winning it, and how to set and achieve your goals.

Definitely an inspiring read to start the year.

— Luca Atalla, January 9, 2013
CEO of Gracie Magazine
3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Over 20 Years of Experience

Discover The Newest Breakout System To Hit the MMA Scene that Has UFC Stars And Black Belts Raving!  Find Out Why UFC Fighters “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Alan “The Talent” Belcher, Nam Phan, Ulysses Gomez, Rory Singer, Tim Credeur, And Others All Love Black Belt Psychology!
Close to nine hours of footage spread out over 9 DVDs, Black Belt Psychology Book (210 pages), Training Journal (264 pages) and a 42 page "Follow Along Notes" for the DVDs... and during the pre-launch we are also giving out two bonus DVDs: MMA Pins and MMA Mitts.

Close to nine hours of footage spread out over 9 DVDs, Black Belt Psychology Book (210 pages), Training Journal (264 pages) and a 42 page “Follow Along Notes” for the DVDs

Hello, my name is Marcos Avellan and I’m the creator of Black Belt Psychology.  I’ve been practicing martial arts for over seventeen years, having started back in 1995, during the infancy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  I was inspired to try my first martial arts class after watching Dan Severn win the 8-man tournament at UFC V.  The sport was raw, there were no gloves, no rules, and no time limit… it wasn’t called MMA… it was called NHB – which stood for “No Holds Barred”.

Marcos Avellan Medals and TrophiesI opened my first gym, the Freestyle Fighting Academy, in 2001 and have been teaching since.  I have a BJJ Black Belt and started my own system of mixed martial arts; I have cornered about 300 fights with an over 72% win rate; have put fighters in all the biggest shows such as the UFC, Bodogfight, Strikeforce, EliteXC, Bellator, and many others; have coached three grapplers to compete in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships (the Olympics of Submission Wrestling) in Enrico Cocco, Rima Avellan, and David Avellan (David having competed four consecutive times and finished 3rd in the world in Barcelona 2009); have personally competed at the world class level in submission grappling, having won multiple national titles including the 2004 ADCC Submission Wrestling North American Trials, which allowed me to compete in the 2005 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships representing USA; and I have fought mixed martial arts with an amateur record of 7-1 and a pro record of two wins and one draw.  I have extensive experience as well working with law enforcement and military, having taught multiple seminars for the City of Miami Police Department and the National Guard.

Black Belt Psychology is everything I have learned with all those experiences listed above… Black Belt Psychology is about the mindset required to succeed as a black belt, succeed as a competitor, and succeed on the street.  Black Belts do have an aura, a swagger if you will.  If you have a black belt instructor, you know what I am talking about.  Even if the black belt doesn’t train regularly or is getting killed on the mat by a tough brown belt, he/she always seems to find a way to pull of the submission… but what makes them be able to do this?

What Differentiates A Brown Belt From A Black Belt?

l_fuji jiu-jitsu black belt

What really inspired this project of creating the most intricate martial arts psychology system that has ever been created was a simple question I got from a student.  The question was, “Master Marcos, how do you know when to promote a brown belt to a black belt?”

I didn’t have an answer for my student.  At the time, I had been teaching for ten years and had only promoted a handful of black belts.  A couple of my black belts were promoted fairly fast, within five or six years – my latest black belt got promoted after ten years of training.  They all trained the same amount of classes but a few of them got it sooner than the others… why?  It was something I did from my “gut” but I didn’t have a logical reason… I just “knew” they were now a black belt.  Furthermore, when such a promotion was made, everybody was in agreement – that person had the black belt aura.

What Is The Black Belt Aura?  

Not having a good answer for my student made me go back and study the black belt aura.  I made a list of all the aura-bbpblack belts I knew and had trained with.  I started writing down all their personality traits, physical traits, and accomplishments.  I started writing down their training habits, their personality in training, and analyzed their toughest moments versus their best moments.  How did they handle adversity on and off the mat?  Was there any similarity between all these black belts?

The answer was a resounding YES.  After a year of working in this project, I have been able to accurately describe the black belt aura.  When I finished my system, I realized I had created something revolutionary, something that would change the way people would progress in the martial arts.  However, I am a skeptical person – maybe this system made sense but would make no result.  Maybe a black belt is a genetic thing – either you got it or don’t.

I Gave My System To Ten Of My Students – Some Of Them Competitors
And Some Of Them Hobbyists. The Results Were OUTSTANDING. 

After digesting my system, only three months later, one of my blue belts in Devin Genchi ended up tapping out a Popovitch BJJ Black Belt in the finals of an advanced grappling tournament.  I was blown away – maybe this was a fluke… then I rolled with him and he tapped me three times in one roll!  His brain got a shot of steroids from the BBP system… within a few months, he become a whole level better.  I promoted him to Purple Belt – and the results that the rest of the test subjects got were on a similar level.

Devin Genchi tapping out Black Belt Joao Moncaio in the Finals - at the time Devin was only a blue belt.

Devin Genchi tapping out Black Belt Joao Moncaio in the Finals – at the time Devin was only a blue belt.

What Made This System Work So Darn Well?

Champion fighters and black belt martial artists sit in on the same classes everyone else does – but they obviously get different results… why?  They were able to pick up on a certain psychology that they usually got by trial and error, by chance, or by a mindset they had developed before training – something somebody or their environment taught them.  It was a certain toughness that they got that wasn’t necessarily taught… it was like a hidden code inside the same training we all received – but that the future black belts subconsciously picked up and understood while the rest of us stayed in the dark.

Being that they picked up this psychology subconsciously, many times these same black belts are not able to share it with their students.  They’ll teach you the same drills and exercise they used to do – but if you aren’t able to decrypt the code, you won’t tap into the black belt aura.  My system has cracked the encryption!

I Have Made The Black Belt Code Easy To See And Understand…
Now Anybody Can Attain The Black Belt Aura!

Tapping into this way of perceiving martial arts will give you the same quick results that my test subjects got.  It wouldn’t surprise me the least to hear of other blue belts tapping out black belts after attacking with this system.


What makes this different from other sports psychology products is that it is NOT a sports psychology product… it is a martial arts psychology system.  There are plenty of products developed by track coaches, football coaches, basketball coaches, that are turned into generic catch-all sports products.  I’ve played football… I’ve ran cross-country… it is NOTHING like stepping into a cage and fighting someone.


Baseball, basketball, track, and football are NOTHING like fighting.

And there are a few people speaking specifically to fighters about psychology… but of the ones I’ve seen, NONE of them had ever fought themselves!  They had never been punched in the face.  To quote Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a gameplan until they get punched in the mouth!”  I’ve been punched (and kneed) in the mouth – I can tell you from personal experience what applies from mainstream sports psychology and what doesn’t .  You don’t want to find out what works in track but doesn’t work in fighting when you are inside a cage against a Muay Thai champion in his clinch.  What the track mental coaches and fight virgin psychologists are offering doesn’t hold a candle to this system.

“I reached out to Marcos… and without that I don’t know if I would have been able to win the fight and get knock out of the night for the UFC.”

UFC Fighter “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Hey everyone, this is UFC Veteran “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. I just wanted to let everyone know about Marcos Avellan’s Black Belt Psychology system. Up until my last fight, I never had a problem with competition anxiety, but before this last fight I was severely overtrained. I was having a hard time getting motivated for training and my confidence was at an all-time low. I reached out to Marcos and he was able to give me some real simple exercises to do to get my mind straight. To be honest, without that, I don’t know if I would have been able to win the fight and get knockout of the night.  If you’re a serious competitor or if you want to be a better person and better understand yourself, check out Marcos Avellan’s Black Belt Psychology.


“I’m REALLY impressed with Marcos Avellan’s understanding of the psychology of fighting and combat!”

UFC World Champion Coaches Adam and Rory Singer

Hey guys, this is Adam Singer, the head coach and owner of the Hardcore Gym in Athens, GA.  I also write for Fight Magazine and I’ve trained two world champions and countless UFC professional fighters. As a coach, I’m always looking for a way to improve my coaching to help my fighters improve and one of the hardest things to do is to pick up the mental skills needed to compete at the highest level. I’ve been really impressed with Marcos Avellan’s understanding of the psychology of fighting and the psychology of combat. I was really excited to hear that he was doing a seminar on black belt and combat psychology. I think this is a great seminar for any coach that needs to add that part of the game for their fighters and I highly recommend his upcoming seminar.

Hey guys, Rory Singer here, co-owner of the Hardcore gym Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts in Athens, GA. I had an opportunity to spend some time with Marcos Avellan down in Miami a couple months ago and get a sneak preview of his upcoming sports psychology seminar and I gotta tell you the man really has an understanding and a full grasp of how to relate different types of sports psychology. As a coach and as an ex-fighter myself, I think there’s things that would have helped me back when I was competing and there are definitely things that are going to help me now for my students and my athletes competing from the gym.


“I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed!”

UFC World Champion Coach Greg Nelson

Hey Greg Nelson here from The Academy in Brooklyn Center Minnesota here to talk to you about Marcos Avellan’s Black Belt Psychology. As a collegiate wrestler and mixed martial artist, I fully understand the importance of the mental game in the development of being a great fighter. As one of the top trainers, I can say the development of the mental game is huge. Having seen fighters like Sean Sherk, Dave Menne, and Brock Lesnar go from zero fights all the way up to the UFC title solidifies that fact. Now Marcos Avellan breaks this down in Black Belt Psychology; he takes it piece by piece and delivers it on a platter. Do yourself a favor and get Marcos Avellan’s Black Belt Psychology. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


“It was some of the most cutting edge material that I’ve seen on the market… EVER!”

UFC Fighter “Crazy” Tim Credeur

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Tim Credeur, UFC fighter; I was also a member of The Ultimate Fighter Season 7, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Rodrigo Medeiros from the BJJ Revolution Team. I’m talking to you today about Marcos Avellan’s incredible product that he has to offer called Black Belt Psychology. I took a team of 10 guys to his school in Miami to do the instructor training program and while we were there, he gave us a demonstration and an explanation about his Black Belt Psychology course that’s coming out. It was some of the most cutting edge material that I’ve seen on the market! He covered topics that are never discussed such as strategies, thought processes, the mentality to approach the game, and the psychology of being a black belt that is very rarely discussed by anyone. I’ve been a mixed martial artist for years and years and I’m definitely intrigued and excited about the product. I will be purchasing it and putting his strategies into place. Since I’ve attended previous events from Marcos Avellan, my mixed martial arts school has exploded. We have doubled our students and are in the process expanding the size of our academy and it’s all because the products I’ve seen from him have been incredible. I got ten times the value of my money I’ve spent and I know Black Belt Psychology will be the exact same thing, if not better. I’m getting the product and I’m definitely dedicated to learning some of the things that he’s learned in his extremely long walk as a mixed martial artist. Black Belt Psychology by Marcos Avellan is a must have. This is Tim Credeur… UFC…  Do yourself a favor and buy it.


“I’m going to use Black Belt Psychology to get my first win in the UFC next month!”

UFC Fighter Ulysses Gomez

Hey guys, this is Ulysses Gomez, I’ve been training for my fight which is UFC on Fuel 7 February 16th. I wanted to let you guys know that I received an advanced copy of Marcos Avellan’s Black Belt Psychology and I was blown away. The book is phenomenal and I can’t wait for his system to come out. It talks about so many things from the warm-up to the mental aspect approaching the fight and even in the fight itself. I’m going to use it to get my first win in the UFC next month.


“Black Belt Psychology is what MMA has been missing and it’s what I have been missing too! ‘Fighting is so mental’ is such a cliche but is is so true… the mental side separates the best fighters from average ones.  My favorite chapter so far is 3, ‘Getting The Most Out Of Drilling.’ I am applying this now, tonight actually…  Thank you Marcos!  I definitely recommend this for anyone involved in martial arts or really anyone who wants to have a mental edge.”
Alan 'The Talent' Belcher - UFC Fighter and BJJ Black Belt


“Honestly, I, at first, thought Black Belt Psychology was a silly concept. Like, ‘what could I learn… I already am a black belt.’ But then I read Marcos’ book and watched his promotional videos (I have not seen all of the DVDs yet) and I must say it is life-changing stuff. The whole time I was trying to find anything that would prove the system was just hype… let’s just say I could not and I already applied some of the skills with my students and lo and behold, changes have occurred. Two guys now have set goals and come to me with plans to implement based on my regurgitation of Marcos’ material. I guess I could chalk it up to a New Years Resolution also, but then these guys have been with me a few years, so I do think it’s from my study of Marcos’ material. If you decide to invest in Marcos’ work be sure to contact me and let me know your results.”
Ken Primola - BJJ Black Belt and Founder of 'I Love BJJ' Facebook Page


“Black Belt Psychology is a look into competition like I have never seen before. Everyone focuses on training and conditioning but very few people take the time to get in their own head – and even more important into your opponent’s head. Psychology plays an important part in competition, from preparation to the podium, and Black Belt Psychology is your road map for every step.”
Scott Nelson - CEO of


“This book is amazing, tons of techniques. Anyone from beginner level up to advance should check it out. It’s an easy read and Marcos explains everything very well.”
Nam Phan - UFC Fighter and BJJ Black Belt


What’s In The DVDs?

DVD #1 – The Power of the Mind

– Learn how Black Belt Psychology can help you achieve success in life, in the cage, and in training.

– Technique vs. Conditioning vs. Psychology – which of the three pillars of competition is most important and why.

– Learn you can gain the experience of 120 fights in only six months, without fighting.

DVD #2 – Entering the MMA Matrix

– Learn how you can put yourself back in the fight when you’re down and out… during training.

– Why practice DOES NOT make perfect and how you can achieve drilling perfection.

– Why you’re drilling wrong… and how you can fix it IMMEDIATELY

DVD #3 – The Fabulous Five of Shadowboxing

– Understand how to shadowbox in a way that will actually help you improve as a fighter, as learned from a Cuban Olympic boxing coach.

– In this DVD, you will learn how you can leave every class better than you were before and see immediate results during every class!

DVD #4 – Unlocking Your Secret Energy Tank

– Learn how you can greatly improve your cardio immediately… without working out!

– You will learn and understand what world-class athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frasier, and Dan Gable know that you need to know to be a world-class athlete.

– Learn how you can instantly transform yourself into a world-class athlete with a simple mind exercise.

– There are certain “triggers” in the mind that can cause you to be fully of energy or absolutely exhausted. This DVD will show you how to take control of your mind and kick ass.

– Learn how you can “Drill to Kill”!

DVD #5 – Super Recovery Techniques

– In this DVD, you will learn how to recover from absolute exhaustion and the brink of defeat… to come back to annihilate your opponent right when he thought you had nothing left.

– Learn how and when to rest during combat and overwhelm your opponent with energy that he never knew you possessed.

DVD #6 – There Can Only Be One

– Learn the steps to preparing for your fight and what you can do that will give you an edge over your opponent before you even step into the ring.

– In this DVD, you will learn the importance of goal setting and why it’s absolutely essential that you set your goals PROPERLY.

– Learn why OBSESSION isn’t always a bad thing and how you can learn how to properly channel your obsession until you’re a world champion.

– The path for a UFC title is a race and this DVD will show you why you’re already losing this race and what you can do to turn that around and win the race.

DVD #7 – The Pre-Fight Jitters Destroyer

– Learn how to completely eliminate pre-fight anxiety utilizing these simple techniques I’ve learned over the course of my 18 years of training.

– This DVD will show you why obligation can sometimes ruin your mind and how you can completely eliminate any sense of obligation that may be weighing down your mind.

– Learn how a solid warm-up can give you a major edge over your opponent before you guys even step on the mat.

– Before the fight, you need to be able to go from 0-60 in a matter of seconds. This DVD will show you how you should be mentally preparing yourself right before you enter the ring.

DVD #8 – The Fight Begins!

– What you need to know before you step into the ring that your opponent already knows

– To stare or not to stare? Learn how to effectively use the stare-down to break your opponent into submission just before the bell rings.

– Learn mental strategies you need to be using while you’re fighting to give yourself a huge edge over your opponent. Those who master these mental techniques while fighting will master the fight itself.

–  You will learn why it’s better to focus on finishing your opponent rather than simply just winning.

– Learn how to effectively utilize an aggressive mind passive body or a passive mind aggressive body to overwhelm your opponent’s strategy, no matter how clever of a strategy he may have devised.

– Just because your opponent taps out, doesn’t mean you’ve won the fight… and many other important lessons you need to know about victory in competition.


DVD #9 – Specialized Fight Strategies

– Learn how I’ve used all the techniques I’ve talked about in real life fights and situations.

– In this DVD, we will break down examples of fights that I may have lost had my mental preparation not been top notch.

– Learn how to “Fake It Till You Make It” as a strategy to stay energized, focused, and dominant.

– This DVD is cram packed with specialized fight strategies you should be using in every fight to absolutely overwhelm and dominate your opponents in devastating fashion.

 The Black Belt Psychology System Will Help You Get Your Black Belt Faster.

You will be honing in on the same traits that four and five year black belts are.  UFC legend BJ Penn earned his black belt in three years – and proved himself beyond worth by becoming the first American to win by BJJ World Championships as a black belt!  I have researched BJ Penn, amongst other fast black belt achievers, and have put my findings into this system.  As a result, your technique will also be better.  This system offers detailed drilling systems that will make your technique crisp, sharp, and deadly.

Are All Black Belts And Champions Super Athletes?  No. 

UFC Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, standing 6′ 4″ with an 84.5″ reach, cannot dunk a basketball.  UFC legend Pat Miletich reminisced of his student, UFC Champion Tim Sylvia, “I would watch him try to jump rope, and he’d literally almost break down in tears because he couldn’t do it.”  As detailed by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers, after a certain threshold of natural talent – the rest is excess.  That is why, as described in his book, the man with the highest IQ in the world works as a bouncer – not as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  The real determining factor that differentiates one person’s success from another is the work put in.  Furthermore, it isn’t necessarily working harder but also working smarter.  BBP is all about working hard and smart.  As Gladwell wrote about what it took to be amongst the best musicians:

The striking thing about Ericsson’s study is that he and his colleagues couldn’t find any ‘naturals,’ musicians who floated effortlessly to the top while practicing a fraction of the time their peers did. Nor could they find any ‘grinds,’ people who worked harder than everyone else, yet just didn’t have what it takes to break the top ranks. Their research suggests that once a musician has enough ability to get into a top music school, the thing that distinguishes one performer from another is how hard he or she works. That’s it. And what’s more, the people at the very top don’t work just harder or even much harder than everyone else.  They work much, much harder.

Any coach or pro competitor can tell you that fighting – whether it be in the cage, in sparring, or on the street – is extremely mental.  However, most people invest in DVD after DVD of martial arts techniques – but focus nothing on developing the mental side!  Many experts will say that fighting is between 50% to 90% psychological… but what percentage of your training is dedicated to psychology?

What % Of Your DVD And Book Investments Are Made To Developing The Psychology Of Combat?

On top of having a disproportionate amount of training focused on technique – the rest of the training is usually dedicated to developing cardio.  The irony is that despite all the cool new exercises and hours of excruciating workouts – many will gas out within the first round of their fight or sparring session!  Why?  Have you ever heard of the infamous “adrenaline dump?”  This phenomenon is mentioned constantly by UFC commentator and BJJ Black Belt Joe Rogan.  The adrenaline dump is a psychological condition where a fighter gets too hyped up and gasses out immediately.  If you are prone to this phenomenon, no amount of conditioning will make up for it.  Black Belt Psychology addresses this problem and offers the solution.  This mental perception and strength is what allows the champions to thrive in the “championship rounds” of a fight.  It is those extra rounds that differentiate the contender from the champion – the same way the psychology is what differentiates the brown belts from the black belts.

Ever feel like this about a minute into a match?

You Could Try To Rediscover All The Same Principles That Took Me Seventeen Years To Unlock Via Long Grueling Hours On The Mats; Hours Of Research Reading Hundreds Of Pages Of Books; Training Trips To Cuba, Thailand, And All Across North America; Competing In Hundreds Of Wrestling And Grappling Matches; Fighting Eleven MMA Fights; And Cornering Over Three Hundred Fights… Or You Could Just Pick Up This System And Save Yourself Literally Over A Decade Of Work.

What my system offers for the potential competitor is the removal of those pre-fight jitters.  For the non-competitor, it will provide the ability to focus and keep your composure during a potential street fight and self-defense situation.  For ALL martial artists, this system provides the keys to unlocking the most out of your everyday training.

Do You Ever Spar Ineffectively Due To Fear? 

Fear, if left unchecked and misunderstood, can be paralyzing.  In a sparring session, paralyzing fear can result in getting roughed up – on the street it can be the difference between life and death.  Learn how to diffuse fear and turn it into a positive energy that will actually help you perform better.  For competitors, being able to understand fear is an absolute must.

With Black Belt Psychology, You’ll Learn How To Perform With 100% Confidence – No Matter Who You’re Facing… Whether It Be A Higher Belt On The Training Mat, A Champion Fighter In The Cage, Or Three Thugs In An Alley.

For those that aspire to teach martial arts – my system is the ultimate gift to your higher education.  Along with speeding up your own understanding, this system is designed to be shared systematically with your students.  Gain exponential results in your gym by sharing this with your students at the white belt level.  After the launch of my system, we will be sharing this system with everyone after one month of training – the edge it will give us over all the other schools is going to be unreal.  Besides sharing BBP psychology yourself with our class room teachings, if you would like a group discount on the materials so that you can distribute it to your students, please email me and let me know.

If You Are An Instructor, Black Belt Psychology Will Make You A Much Better Coach

Black Belt Psychology System

The Entire Black Belt Psychology 10 DVD System with 200+ Page Book and Workout Journal

This System Is 100% Applicable Not Just For Mixed Martial Arts And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – But For ANY Style Of Combat: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, etc.

This system will yield the same exception results.  Even more amazing though is the effects this system will develop for everyone OUTSIDE of martial arts… the lessons taught in this system will transcend to your career, your family life, your self-esteem, and your overall happiness.  When people say, “Martial Arts helps with confidence, discipline, energy, focus, mind control, leadership, toughness, work ethic, stress relief, etc.…” they are referring to the methods that are detailed in my Black Belt Psychology system.  When lawyers and doctors refer to how martial arts helps them with their careers – they are referring to the psychological aspects focused on in this system.

  • This never before seen system will give you the black belt swagger and have you pulling the trigger on all your deadliest moves no matter who you’re facing
  • Release all the butterflies and always feel 100% confident with my easy to use system
  • What makes a black belt isn’t the fancy technique but the radiating aura of invincibility… my DVDs will show you how to tap into your black belt aura!
  • Get a black belt brain transplant within 48 hours with my easy to learn system
  • Discover how you can seemingly improve your cardio overnight without working out, training, or doing any kind of physical exercise.
  • Learn how to morph yourself into a professional fighter using mental techniques so easy that even a completely inexperienced white belt will be able to utilize them
  • Discover how the top black belts and professionals approach drilling and learn how to make your technique that much more crisp

Even if getting a black belt is not something you care about – the amount of information in this system is astounding.  There is no system in the market that covers as many aspects of martial arts with regards to training, fighting, and competing… detailing how one should think and feel throughout all these different stages of the martial arts.

The Best Part Is That Everyone Has The Time To Learn My System. 

I intentionally packaged the system in such a way that you can digest the material in little chunks.  If you have the time to watch one thirty minute TV show a week – you have the time to learn my system.  All it takes is thirty minutes a week and within two and a half months you’ll have my life’s work of over seventeen years absorbed.




P.S.  Are you still on the fence?


Trust me, you don’t want to sit on that fence! 🙂

Yes, we have all been burned by a cheesy product or hype that didn’t deliver.  We have all also bought products that we didn’t need and ended up never using.  Black Belt Psychology is neither of those.

This is a high quality system that has already gathered world class reviews before even launching.  UFC fighters, BJJ Black Belts, and even the CEO of Gracie Magazine have put their word on the line for this product.  Furthermore, this is a system you definitely need if you are a martial artists – and will immediately be using it in your very next training session and every session after.  As BJJ Black Belt and UFC fighter Alan Belcher said, “This is what MMA has been missing…” and you have been missing a system like this too…  until now!

What is the absolute WORSE CASE SCENARIO that could happen by clicking on “Add To Cart”?  The worse case scenario is that you get the system, don’t like it, and have to send it back… THAT IS IT!  Now what is the BEST THING that could happen?

  • If the ONLY thing the Black Belt Psychology System did for you was allow you to enter every sparring session or competition with no jitters, would that be worth your time?

  • If the ONLY thing the Black Belt Psychology System did for you was allow you to get your next belt promotion in half the time, would that be worth it for you?

  • If the ONLY thing the Black Belt Psychology System did for you was allow you to have more energy in training and be re-motivated about training, would that be something you would want to have?

  • If the ONLY thing the Black Belt Psychology System did for you was allow you to get your first tap on a black belt in training and/or competition – would that be worth it for you?

If you answered “YES” to any of these statements, you owe it to yourself to get the Black Belt Psychology System.

There is so much to gain and nothing to lose.  The worst thing that would happen is that you would go through 9 DVDs that were created by a Black Belt grappling national champion, flip through a 210 page book detailing the entire system, and get a peek at a training journal that all my fighters and ADCC Bronze Medalist David Avellan uses daily – and then have to return it back within 30 days for a full refund – THAT is the worse case scenario!  There is nothing to lose, let’s start our building our confidence by pulling this trigger right now on this investment for your training.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order the entire Black Belt Psychology system – get the 9 DVDs, bonuses, 210 page Black Belt Psychology book, and the 250 page Training Journal – and watch the DVDs and read the books.  If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, notify me via email, and then just put all the stuff back in the box and send it back to me within 30 days to get a FULL refund.

It is that simple.

With this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, I have taken away the risk and placed it solely on my shoulders.

At this point, the only question left to answer is:

“Do I want to learn how to fight at my true full potential, each more out of my training sessions, and accelerate my path to Black Belt?”

If you answered YES, click below and start learning the Black Belt Psychology System.

If you answered NO, then close this page and retire from martial arts.

If you didn’t answer, then start reading from the top until you can make a decision. 🙂

This guy took so long thinking that he was fossilized :)

This guy took so long thinking that he was fossilized 🙂

If you have gotten this far, then you are probably like me and asking yourself:

“Should I get this now, or wait for more info?”

That is what we really want don’t we? More information. We get what is called “the paralysis of analysis.”

We are analyzing so much we forget about making a decision. If someone would just hand me the product so that I can see it and use it, it would make my decision so much easier.

While I can’t just give the Full Black Belt Psychology System away for free, I will give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Let’s do this!